Please contact me by e-mail ( with the following information for the tire swing system you are interested in.  (I usually respond within 2 hours.  (8am - 10pm Eastern Standard Time)

Select your tire swing Support System by clicking on the system your are interested in.

You cannot order a swing directly from this web-site. We do not have a shopping cart, you must send me an e-mail message. I want to be sure you get exactly what you less. We do not sell you a bundle of chain, we cut the chain to your requirements, that way it fits.

 3 Point tire swing

 3 Point/Convertible tire swing

Vertical tire swing

 4 point tire swing

 Rotates 360 degrees & back and forth.

 2 swings in 1 neat package.

 Old fashion fun.

 Recommend for swing sets with limited room.

Need help in measuring the height of the tree limb ?