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 Please note..most pictures show top mounted hardware, we now mount all our hardware on the tread side on the tire for the most secure connection possible.  It will never pull out !!

We sell the Largest swings

Chasing down my tires

How do I get

out of this

thing ???

Click here to view the SWING-AWAY.   A handy way to store your swing when it is not in use.

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A Large Royal

Blue Vertical

Swing with

White Lettering &

Metal Safety Handles.

More Verticals

A Large Royal

Blue Vertical

Swing with 2

Metal Safety Handles

& Heavy Duty Chain.


Red Vertical


with Yellow

Heavy Duty


 If the tree limb is too high to secure the swing with a ladder, we can supply detail instruction to accomplish this task from the ground.  It is not too hard to do and can be done in a few minutes.  We even send the supplies to do it at no extra charge. Be sure to ask for instructions, if you need them.

Your favorite team.

Your youngster's name(s).

3 Point

 tire swing for swing sets

or tree limbs.

They don't

get much cuter.

A Large Cherry Red

Vertical Tire Swing

with 2 Large Metal

Safety Grip Handles.

Please check my

4 Point

 tire swing for swing sets.

They connect to your

existing anchor points

on your play-set.