We now sell a unique convertible swing. Use it as a 3 point horizontal swing that rotates 360 degrees or convert it to a Vertical swing that can hang from your play-set or tree limb.

The swings comes with heavy duty chain or poly coated chain equipped with rubber safety grips which is securely fastened to the 3 sides of the tire with extra large U-bolts.  With a simple change it converts to a Vertical swing.  I believe we are the only supplier of this type of swing. Two tire swings in one neat package.  (PP)

The Heavy Duty Chain, Adjustable Quick Link, and Heavy Duty U-bolt Connectors are shown here.

This 3 point swing has the heavy duty chain secured through the steel belted tread  on all 3 sides. The swing will rotate 360 degrees or swing back and forth.

The 3 point swing converts to a vertical swing using two heavy duty connection points and can be hung from a play-set or tree limb.

The swing can also be secured to a tree limb with the third heavy duty chain that we supply.

Normally the swing is shipped in the 3 point horizontal configuration. We supply detail instructions which allow you to convert the swing to the vertical configuration in a matter of minutes. 

The three hanging options are shown here.


A) Play-set or Tree Limb

B) Tree limb  

C) Play-set

Here is an example of the safety grip handles that promises a firm grip.  An option that we highly recommend.