Hanging a Large Classic Kelly Green Vertical Tire Swing with safety grips handles. 

  Wrap the tree branch with an old piece of carpet and nail it securely to the tree limb.  Then wrap the heavy duty rope with the rubber hose attached to it around the tree branch where you attached the carpeting. (Note the swing is sitting on a chair, you can use a trash barrel also to position the swing above the ground.) Once you have found the correct level for the swing, connect the rope together with a simple knot.  When you are sure everything is correct, heat the knot with a heat gun, or anything that will meld the knot together, so it will not slip. I recommend making a double knot for safety reasons.  Remember once you do this, you will not be able to undo the knot.

Testing out the new swing before the youngsters take over.  Don't let the kids see you on the swing !!!

The finished product. 

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